progettazione realizzazionefornitura

Colonial style kitchen
with island


progettazione realizzazione fornitura

Colonial style kitchen
with island

In harmony with the spirit of the place and the architectural style choices, the custom kitchen stands out as a focal point in the home’s interior. The design was marked by a certain complexity due to diverse usage needs and the use of visually impactful materials: solid oak wood, Prussian blue central island, “English-style” glass cabinets, illuminated walk-in pantry, Calacatta White marble, satin gold details, Bertazzoni zinc appliance with induction cooktop and double electric oven.


Approximately 60 hours were dedicated to the construction and installation.

1.  The Prussian Blue Central Island

The central island, the focal point of the space, stands out with its bold Prussian blue color, creating a sophisticated and original centerpiece in the environment.

2.  “English-Type” Display Cabinets

The “English-type” display cabinets seamlessly integrate into the design, providing a showcase for exquisite dishware. These elements convey classic charm without sacrificing practicality.

3.  Walk-In Pantry

The kitchen is enriched by a walk-in pantry, a functional element that blends classic style with modern convenience, offering an extensive storage space of 5 square meters.

4.  Satin Gold Details

Small details, such as handles and decorations in satin gold, add elegance and create a refined contrast with the dominant blue and light marble.

5.  Calacatta White Marble

The Calacatta White marble countertops add a touch of luxury and sophistication while ensuring a durable and easy-to-maintain surface. It is a fine-grained marble with a white background and subtle veins ranging from light yellow to gray.