We are able to create every element of your project, so that every detail matches perfectly with the others. We do this by combining the creativity of craftsmanship with the precision of numerical control machinery.

Our carpentry shop is the beating heart of our company, where tailor-made furnishings for all rooms of the house come to life. Made up of a team of highly qualified professionals, it takes care of the entire production process, from the choice of the basic essence to the finishing and lacquering of the final product.


Numerical control cutting: the cutting of the raw material takes place
with computerized precision of a tenth of a millimetre.


CNC machining center: all three-dimensional processing is managed by machinery
and CAD-based software, precision level: tenth of a millimetre.


CNC calibrator: we manage the thickness of each component
with continuous roller calibrating machines


Internal painting: we have an internal painting department and
two lacquers, we specifically create the mixtures for each project.


LED design and assembly: from the actuator to the LED dot, we have technicians available
specialized for the assembly of your lighting project


Assembly and transport: part of our team takes care of transport
and installation of the realizations, we want everything to be perfect


FSC certification: every raw material we process comes from
from controlled and certifiable cultivation


Fire certification: each of our products is certifiable
on request according to current European regulations (B-S1-D0)




We design and build tailor-made bathrooms, studied down to the smallest details and with the best supplies available.

Doors and windows

We provide unique fixtures customized in every detail, made in the material you prefer, for external and internal use.


We design and build custom-made kitchens in solid wood, customizable in every detail and for every size. Complete with appliances.

Contract furniture

Commissioned supply and rapid creation of complete and personalized furnishings for institutions and commercial activities.

Business furniture

Design and supply of personalized and tailor-made furnishings, furniture, counters and displays.

Desks and furniture

We design and build your studio, to allow you to work in an environment tailor-made for your professional needs.

Wardrobes and bedrooms

We design and create complete, tailor-made bedrooms in solid wood and personalized in every detail.

TV cabinets, bookcases and tables

We design and create designer furnishings for your living room, customizing them in every detail to match your style perfectly.

Wardrobe cabins

We design and create custom-made walk-in wardrobes in solid wood, designed to adapt to any available space.

Custom stairs

We design and create custom-made staircases available in different sizes and essences.

Outdoor furniture and kitchens

We can supply outdoor furniture and kitchens, made of resistant materials and with a unique design.